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NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES - Effective Date:  April 14, 2003

We are required by law to:

  •  Make sure our clients get necessary assistance with the help of EssayWritingStore.com.

  •  Make sure that the mental and physical health information that identifies you is kept private and secured.

  •  Give you this notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to mental and physical health information about you.

  •  Follow the terms and conditions of the privacy rights notice that is currently in effect pursuant to HIPAA.

How we may use and disclose mental and physical health information about you:

  •  If you or your legal guardian consents

  •  As required by law, court order, or law enforcement

  •  Pursuant to national security and intelligence activities

  •  Pursuant to protective services for the President and others

  •  As required by the rules and regulations of the Military and Veterans Administration

  •  Pursuant to lawsuits and disputes concerning you

  •  Pursuant to legal request by security officials for inmates

  •  Pursuant to legal requests by coroners, health examiners and funeral directors

  •  To avert a serious threat to health and safety

  •  Pursuant to legal provisions relative to public health risks and health oversight activities

  •  If needed for statistical or audit purposes with certain safeguards

  •  If needed to get benefits for you or get reimbursement for cost of treatment provided to you

Your rights regarding mental and health information about you:

  •  Right to a paper copy of this notice about your rights

  •  Right to inspect and copy your treatment record

  •  Right to request, in writing, confidential communications about you

  •  Rights as guaranteed under the Michigan Mental Health Code 330.1748 Section 748

Changes to this notice:

We reserve the right to change this privacy rights notice.  We will have available a copy of the current notice with our Administrative Assistant in our private practice office with the current effective date on the first page.


If you believe that your privacy rights under HIPPA have been violated, you may file a complaint with the appropriate Privacy Officer.  All complaints must be in writing.


Complaints should be directed to:

Paris M. Finner-Williams, Esq., PC

at 313.537.1000

or mailed to Dr. Atty. Paris M. Finner-Williams at:

The Finner-Williams Building
17620 West McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48235



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