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  •  Overcoming Loneliness

  •  Abuse In Male-Female Relationships

  •  Discover Your Motivational and Spiritual Gifts

  •  Beating the Holiday Blues

  •  Biblical Counseling on Divorce Recovery: Grief and Loss Training

  •  Divorce Recovery: The New Beginning

  •  Black Male Development

  •  Black Women and God

  •  Board of Directors Training on Governance

  •  Care for Caregivers

  •  Christian Counseling Training

  •  Church Governance

  •  How to Provide Effective Clinical Supervision

  •  Teaching Cognitive Reconstructive Techniques

  •  The Composition of the Board of Directors Talents, Skills and Personality Traits

  •  Conflict Resolution and Christian Mediation

  •  Counselors as Peace Warriors: Church Conflict Resolution

  •  Approach of Crisis Intervention

  •  Cultural Diversity in The Workplace

  •  The Treatment of Depression

  •  Domestic Violence by Women

  •  Tri/Dually Diagnosed: How to Provide Services to Those who are Substance Abusers/Mentally Ill/Mentally Retarded

  •  Emotional Baggage

  •  Enhancing Commitment and Rapport Between Lovers

  •  Enhancing Romantic Relationships

  •  Ethical Issues and Mental Health Service Providers

  •  Financial Planning

  •  The Finner-Williams Treatment Planning Process

  •  The Value of Forgiveness

  •  Generational Curses

  •  Teaching the Group Process

  •  Healing the Healers

  •  Incarceration and Mental Health Self Empowerment Training

  •  Management of Difficult Clients: Anger and Control

  •  Providing Marital Therapy and Marital Counseling

  •  Mass Media and Black Youth

  •  Christian Mediator Training

  •  The Treatment of Mental Illness

  •  Motivational Training

  •  Obesity: The Psychological Connection Between Food and Mood

  •  Parenting Skill Development

  •  How to Write Policies and Procedures

  •  Reconciliation Between Christians

  •  Self Empowerment Training

  •  Setting Relationship Goals

  •  Sex and Romance

  •  Male and Female Sexuality

  •  Singles Ministry Training

  •  The Impact of Spirituality In The Therapeutic Process

  •  Stress Management

  •  Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention Training

  •  Healing the Spirit: A Psychospiritual Service Delivery System Model Workshop

  •  Communication and Intimacy In Marriage

  •  Is Your Attitude Showing?

  •  The Employment Oath: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me God

  •  Who’s Responsibility Is It Anyway?  So Don’t Take It Personally

  •  Legal Issues and Concerns: Empowering Ourselves and Those We Serve

  •  Beam Me Up Scottie: There’s No Sign of Intelligence Here

  •  Bridging Stronger Multicultural Partnerships Between Consumers and Professionals

  •  Stress Management Workshop For Black Students

  •  Conflict Resolution, Barriers To Communication and Effective Communication Skills

  •  Exploring Personality Traits and Styles

  •  Effective Strategies For Working With African-American Male Clients and Incarcerated African-American Males

  •  Beyond Standardized Testing: What Does I.Q. Have To Do With It?

  •  How To Love A Black Woman

  •  Hope For the Holidays for Those Who Are Grieving

  •  Tried-and-True Remedies For Bad Sex

  •  Counselors As Peace Warriors: Resolving Legal & Human Issues Between Pastors & Church Governing Boards

  •  Enhancing Commitment and Rapport: Preserving African American Couples (Marriage, Courtship, Singles, etc.)

  •  Guiding Youth Out of The Land of Oz

  •  How To Develop The Habit of Happiness

  •  In The Mist of Tough Circumstances

  •  Pressed Out of Measure: Women Juggling Work, Family, and Other Demands

  •  Medical and Scientific Causes About Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Menopause

  •  Stressors In The Workplace

  •  The Impact of a Negative Attitude, Stress, and Low Self-Esteem on Your Perception, Emotional Response Pattern, and Communication Skills

  •  Mental Health and The Law: Relationship of Mental Health Disorders and Criminal Behavior

  •  How to Handle Employee Violence in The Workplace

  •  How to Handle Verbal Criticism

  •  Technical Assistance Training on Writing Policies and Procedures

  •  The Board of Governance: Working Together Hand-In-Hand

  •  Mental Health and The Law: Misconceptions About Jail Populations

  •  Effective People Helpers

  •  Nearly 150 Gender Specific Factors That Contribute To The Stability of Romance and Healthy Relationship

  •  Spiritual Development and Supportive Care Issues

  •  Couple Issues and Conflicts With Children


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