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"SINGLE WISDOM": Empowering Singles, Divorcees, Widows & Widowers for Living...

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Chapter One: The Journey of Life

  •  The Profile of Nia
  •  The Profile of Pace
  •  The Profile of Carol

Chapter Two: Divorce Recovery

  •  Bitterness
  •  Forgiveness
  •  Confession and Humility
  •  True Repentance
  •  Healing
  •  Declaring Self-Empowerment and Gaining Personal Courage

Chapter Three:
New Wineskin for Widows and Widowers

  •  Period of Mourning

  •  Living Beyond The Memories
  •  Loneliness
  •  Companionship
  •  Dating

Chapter Four: Breaking the Strongholds, Yolks and Generational Curses of the Never Married

  •  Blame-Shifting
  •  The "Butt" Stronghold
  •  Fears of Commitment
  •  The Communication Stronghold
  •  Low Frustration Tolerance
  •  Unrealistic View of Adult Life
  •  How to Change and Become A New Creature

Chapter Five: The Seven Sins of The Single Christian

  •  Excessive Want
  •  Emptiness
  •  Inappropriate Attractions
  •  Unhealthy Attachments
  •  Entrapment
  •  Abandonment
  •  Betrayal

Chapter Six:
The Revealing Lesson of the Wizard of Oz

Chapter Seven: The Quest for Human Touch

  •  Effective Strategies for Sexual Relapse Prevention

Chapter Eight: How to Achieve a Godly Hook-up

  •  Equally Yoked, but Not Equally Matched
  •  The Lesson of The Ox and The Donkey
  •  The "Sport" of Dating
  •  The Security of Courting
  •  The Lesson of The Three Wells
  •  How to End Toxic and Unhealthy Relationships
  •  How to End Ungodly Engagements

Chapter Nine: Employing Methods of Investigation

  •  The Finner-Williams Pre-Marital Screening Questionaire
  •  Handling Unequal Premarital Assets and Wealth: CADES

Chapter Ten: Preparation for Marriage

  •  How to Pray for the Desires of your Heart

Chapter Eleven: The Empowerment of Unrevealed Miracles In An Engaging And Determined Single Life

Chapter Twelve: Stewardship

  •  Preparing for Marital Servitude
  •  The Call to Singleness
  •  The Call to Marriage

Appendix: Resources and References


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